Skilling Young Children for Future World of AI & Machine Learning

LeapLearner, a global youth coding education company with over 1 million students across more than twenty different countries.
We skill young children starting from age 5 with Computational Thinking & Algorithmic Intelligence with courses in Scratch, Python, App Development and Robotics

About Us

LeapLearner is the world’s leading K-12 coding education company with over 1 million students across more than twenty different countries. The company provides schools and parents with a coding education solution focusing on Python, Blocks Coding and App Development. LeapLearner’s global education platform and the company’s international curriculum allows parents and educators to not only teach different coding languages, but also effectively evaluate students’ global comparative performances. LeapLearner dynamically adapts in real-time, based not only on academic best practices, but also on the way software technology evolves. Along with the company’s coding platform, adaptive curriculum and learning management system, LeapLearner trains teachers from remarkably diverse backgrounds to become coding teachers using professional development tools and collaboration environments. LeapLearner’s cutting-edge platform has already been adopted by multiple governments around the world.

Experienced, Certified Teachers:

  • Educators with virtual classroom training

  • Available for private tutoring sessions

  • Well-versed in many 21st century languages

Flexible & Accessible:

  • Learn anytime, anywhere – all you need is an internet-connected computer

  • Flexible options designed for busy schedules

  • Independent challenges to cultivate problem-solving skills

Progress Tracking and Feedback

  • Personalized tips and analysis after each lesson

  • Action-oriented feedback – focus study time where it’s needed

  • Efficient e-learning methods aimed at saving students time and money

Small-Group &
Private Online Classes

  • Ask questions and learn at your own pace

  • Game-based curriculum designed to maximize engagement

  • Personalized learning environment that enables rapid skill acquisition