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LeapLearner is working in partnership with the Bhutanese government to help the nation close the tech-skill gap and leapfrog into the AI-powered world.

By using a 2-tiered teacher training program wherein the country’s top educators complete LeapLearner’s training program and then work to train their colleagues across the country, Bhutan will be set to launch coding curriculum in over 100 schools in March 2020. Through continuous growth and scaling up of the program, Bhutan’s Ministry of Education expects to integrate coding into every school in the country by 2021. This translates to over 170,000 students acquiring this critical 21st century skill in 2021 alone.

In addition to the nationwide coding education program, LeapLearner has also launched a pilot program teaching Bhutan’s university students and graduates to develop using the Unity gaming platform. Unity is the world’s most popular 3D games engine and talented developers are in high demand. According to His Majesty, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, this growing partnership with LeapLearner is part of a larger vision of helping the country “skilfully navigate the new digital and technological landscape.”

Courses available Online

Junior Coding

A Block Based Coding Program where Child learn commands, loops, functions, conditions while creating puzzles & games.


Python is the simple & engaging language where children can create games and applications. It is the perfect Coding Language for young children to learn. Python is widely used for Data Sciences & Machine Learning based applications.

App Development

Children learn how to create apps- starting with basic single screen app to complex apps; integrating different APIs & Modules.