The leading ed-tech company’s subsidiaries signed a partnership that will bring collaborative Artificial Intelligence coding education projects to more than 200,000 students across both countries.

Dubai, UAE & Tel-Aviv, Israel, August 19, 2020 — LeapLearner, a global youth coding education company with over 1 million students across more than twenty different countries, announced today a unique partnership between its students in the United Arab Emirates and Israel. The partnership will bring together 200,000 students from both countries to collaborate in the development of Python-based apps. LeapLearner has already amassed more than 150,000 students in Israel and the newly opened Dubai office is working to expand LeapLearner’s coding education programs across the UAE.

LeapLearner Israel & UAE colaboration news

LeapLearner’s coding education system provides schools and parents with a turnkey solution for K-12 coding education focusing on Python, Blocky and App Development. “We are very excited to celebrate this historic peace agreement through collaboration among our students in both countries,” said George Varghese, LeapLearner UAE CEO. “Leaplearner is leading the global movement in coding education and we strongly believe that students in the United Arab Emirates and Israel will benefit from this partnership and enjoy learning app development together”, added Varghese.

“LeapLearner has been extremely successful in Israel,” said Roi Sukenik, LeapLearner Israel’s CEO. “We’ve seen firsthand how our coding education platforms enable students to excel not only in coding but also in math and problem-solving,” noted Sukenik. “Working together with the amazing students of LeapLearner UAE will allow our students to become global citizens and messengers of peace. Our students tell us they love coding with LeapLearner, and we are happy to spread this love together with students from UAE, just as we have with students from China, India and many other countries.”

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LeapLearner is the world’s leading K-12 coding education company with over 1 million students across more than twenty different countries. LeapLearner’s global education platform and the company’s international curriculum allows parents and educators to not only teach different coding languages, but also effectively evaluate students’ comparative performances. LeapLearner dynamically adapts in real-time, based not only on academic best practices, but also on the way software technology evolves. Along with the company’s coding platform, adaptive curriculum and learning management system, LeapLearner trains teachers from remarkably diverse backgrounds to become coding teachers using professional development tools and collaboration environments. LeapLearner’s cutting-edge platform has already been adopted by multiple governments around the world. For more information, visit