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Code the Future

From working with Public Libraries where our Coding Programs are offered to under privileged children free of cost to working with K-12 Schools ; LeapLearner works with communities and local government bodies in USA to offer Coding Skills for young children.

We also offer our coding courses for ages 5-14 years through online 1-1 and Group live classes for individuals looking to offer their children future skills of Algorithmic Intelligence and Computational Thinking.

These courses are available for children aged 5-14 years across USA & Canada.

Online 1:1 Classes
USD 17.5/ hr
North America
Online 1:1 Classes
USD 13/ hr
North America

Courses available Online

Junior Coding

A Block Based Coding Program where Child learn commands, loops, functions, conditions while creating puzzles & games.


Python is the simple & engaging language where children can create games and applications. It is the perfect Coding Language for young children to learn. Python is widely used for Data Sciences & Machine Learning based applications.

App Development

Children learn how to create apps- starting with basic single screen app to complex apps; integrating different APIs & Modules.