Refund/Cancellation Policy

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1. The Fee collected against any of the curses are non-refundable and non-transferable to another course or individual.
2. Since every parent is given a detailed course demo, any claims of course quality, content and deliverables not being as per the expectations shall not be entertained.
3. While signing up for the any courses with LeapLearner UAE and paying fees to Starkids for Children Development, you are assumed to have read the policy contained in the lines above and agree to it.

Junior Coding

A Block Based Coding Program where Child learn commands, loops, functions, conditions while creating puzzles & games.


Python is the simple & engaging language where children can create games and applications. It is the perfect Coding Language for young children to learn. Python is widely used for Data Sciences & Machine Learning based applications.

App Development

Children learn how to create apps- starting with basic single screen app to complex apps; integrating different APIs & Modules.

Robotics & AI

This program starts with Block Based Robotics for young children and gradually moves to Programmable Micro-Controller and Autonomous Robotics.

We are World’s Largest Computing Education Company with over 1 million students across 20 countries. We offer digital skilling solutions to Governments, Institutions and Individuals with courses ranging from Basic Digital Literacy to Live 1-1 Classes in Python.