What We Do

We have created a highly intuitive and integrated Teaching-Learning platform which enables students to progressively learn Coding starting with Scratch and gradually move to  App Development and Python.

Our Courses are available across the following.

  • Live Online Classes
  • Learning Centre
  • K-12 Schools
  • Government Projects

Live Online Classes : LeapLearner offers Live Online Classes both 1:1 and group formats.

Our Live Classes offer:

Exceptional trainers

Interactive 1-1 personalized learning

Personalized feedback and learning growth track

Certification by iCode after the end of each course

Learning Centres : 

LeapLearner operates Learning Centres in partnership with After-School Centres & Pre-Schools within close proximity of residential communities. LeapLearner Trainers teach students of aged 5-14 years in 60-minute batches from Monday through Saturday.

Some of the offerings at our Learning Centres are:

Exceptional trainers
Small batches of 10-12 students
Teacher-students ratio of 1:12
Equipped with age-appropriate teaching-learning infrastructure

K-12 Schools: LeapLearner works with K-12 schools and integrates its courses with different School curricula and Education Boards.

Our curriculum development team works with the School team to create a customized Learning Curriculum and plan.

Schools benefit from a Global curriculum and opportunities for their students to collaborate with World’s largest and best cohort of trainers and students spread across 20+ Countries Globally.

Government Projects: We work with Governments to enable large scale implementation of Coding Education programs across Public Schools. Some of the recent examples are Bhutan , Israel and Nigeria.